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The Vigipirate Security Alert is on. Doors will open 1 hour before the show. Please pay attention to the staff for security checks. Thank you for your understanding.When does seating for perfomance begin ? Seating will commence 30 minutes prior to the performance.
When should I plan to arrive for open seating perfomance ? It is recomended to come an hour before the beginning of the show.
When does the actual performance actually start ? The time indicated on your ticket is the time the actual performance will begin. This is why it is imperative to arrive 30 minutes prior.
Is it possible to get tickets reimbursed ? No reimbursement of tickets is possible, except if the performance is cancelled.
I might be late for the performance... what should I do ? The show starts exactly on the time mentioned on your ticket. Anyone late will be placed in “a special seating box” and will only be able to find their seats during intermission.
I am seeing this show with a partner. This partner though might be late ? What should I do ? Please leave his or her ticket at the “box office” with the last name and first name. We will give them their ticket upon arrival.
How old must my child be in order to come to the Theater ? We welcome children aged 3 and up to our theater.
Is there a cloak room ? A complimentary cloak room is available.
May I purchase the playbill of previous shows ? Yes,check with the the box office for available stock.
Is a bar available during intermission ? A bar is available before the show and during intermission.
Will I be able to find different types of foods and drinks ? A wide variety of snacks and drinks are available at the bar.
Is it possible to purchase books, DVD’s ... at the Chatelet Theater ? There is no more shop in the theater.
Is it possible to rent binoculars ? The Theater does not rent binoculars.