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Groups & Communitties

Works councils, educational establishments, tourism representatives, and other groups can all take advantage of price reductions on the first four categories as well as a dedicated phone line. In this space, you will discover different ways to book and buy tickets and practical information about group bookings.
Since reduced price seating is limited and only available for selected shows, we advise you to book early. Requests are handled on first-come first-served basis and tickets issued in order of payments.
There are several ways to book tickets:

  • connecting to your personalized customer page.
  • mailing us back the booking form, which you will find in the season brochure.

Works councils

Works Councils benefit from two types of reductions for the first four categories, namely:
• 20% reduction for all firm bookings, without any minimum booking. This advantage allows you to respond to individual employees requirements.
• 10% reduction for all options placed, with a minimum of 10 seats for a single performance.

A firm booking means payment must be made within 5 days.
For all bookings made through your customer webpage, please indicate in the comment section whether this is a “firm booking.” We will then contact you to make payment. All firm bookings are subject to approval by the Theatre.

You also have the possibility to think over your booking before confirming, through the “option” function. Confirmation and payment dates for options will be indicated when your request is accepted. All option requests are subject to approval by the Theatre.


Service Groupes et Collectivités
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